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J61Y-P54 250V Globe valve

J61Y-P54 250V Globe valveJ61Y-P54 250V Globe valve
J61Y-P54 250V Globe valve

J61Y-P54 250V Globe valve Product introduction

 J61Y-P54 250V Globe Valve is used for  high temperature and high pressure water,steam,oil products and super-heated steam.,etc,J61Y-P54 250V Globe Valve is widely used for thermal power plant,petrochemical industry,metallurgy and other industrial sectors.

Model: J61Y-100, 200, 250,320, J61Y-P54/100V, P54/140V, P54/170V

Size: DN10-DN100

Pressure: PN10-PN320
J61Y-P54 250V Globe Valve Max Temperature: 425 Deg C for Carbon Steel Material, 540 Deg C for WC6 Material, 570 Deg C for WC9 Material

J61Y-P54 250V Globe Valve feature:

  1. The central connection adopt pressure self-tightening structure.
  2. The disc and seat are welding with hard alloy.
  3. High temperature creep resistance design.
  4. The material of stem is precipitation hardening stainless steel by nitriding.
  5. Operating device can be manual,gear,bevel gear and electric actuator.

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