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Ceramic lined swing feed valve

Ceramic lined swing feed valveCeramic lined swing feed valve
Ceramic lined swing feed valve

Ceramic lined swing feed valve Product introduction

 Ceramic lined swing feed valve adopts a high-grade toughened structural ceramic seal.Ceramic lined swing feed valve with high mechanical strength, strong abrasion resistance, a long service life and a compact structure, which can be installed at any angle.

Ceramic lined swing feed valve can replace dome valve, tuming valve,bel valve and double-disc valve as feeding gates of storehouse pumps, Ceramic lined swing feed valve can be used as an on-off for pipelines containing abrasive dry ash, water granulated slag and the like in mines. Chemical engineering and soon, Its working nominal pressure is 1.0MPa applicable temperature, applicable temperature≤200℃,and airsupply pressure 0.6-0.8MPa

After the Ceramic lined swing feed valve is closed, it’s fully sealed in any direction. Its body and bonnet are made of WCB steel or stainless steel casting, Its sealing surface adopts a hard serling element,Ceramic lined swing feed valve feed inlet is fully through without any biocks, and it has an anti -blockage blowing unit, with strong abrasion resistance, a good seal ability, a small starting load and with little ash seizure or accumulation.

Ceramic lined swing feed valve specification:
Nominal diameter:DN50~1000mm ( 2"~40")
Nominal pressure:PN1.0~4.0MPa(150~300Lb)
Applicable temperature:≤ 250℃
Material:carbon steel
Medium: dry ash, pulverized coal ash, and sold granule etc.
Application range: starting and shutting of ash, slag discharge in dry ash system of coal fired power plant, and mining, lime factory, cement factory, and chemical plant etc.


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