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JIS 10K ball valve

JIS 10K ball valveJIS 10K ball valve
JIS 10K ball valve

JIS 10K ball valve Product introduction

JIS standard ball valve manufacturer, factory and supplier for JIS 10K 20K 30K ball valve.JIS 10K ball valve is 2pc full bore or reduced bore,floating structure. JIS 10K Flange end ball valve used to cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline, choose different materials,which can be used respectively for water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing medium, urea and other medium.JIS 10K ball valve can be widely used in papermaking, petrochemical, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, environmental protection, petroleum, light industry and other industrial departments of automatic control system.

JIS 10K ball valve Specification: 
   Name JIS 10K ball valve
1. Material CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M or other material
2. Size 1/2~12 inch ( DN15~DN300)
3. Port Full Port or reduced port
4. Working Pressure 10K 20K 30K
5. Connection Ends Flange
6. Working Temp.  -29~150℃,-40~450℃, or according to customer requirements for different industry. 
7. Suitable Medium Water, Natural Gas, Oil and some corrosive liquid
8. Operation Handle operated, Locking device is option
9. Inspection & Testing According to API598

JIS 10K ball valve performance
1. Floating ball, full bore or reduce bore. 
2. ISO5211 mounting pad for option. 
3. Blow-out proof stem design. 
4. PTFE/RPTFE seat seal( Seat seal material could be decided by customer's request or according to valve's medium & temp. Condition). 
5. Fire-proof and anti-static design if need. 
6. Operation: Hand wheel, Worm wheel, Pneumatic actuator & Electric Actuator. 

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