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Electric V type segmented ball valve

Electric V type segmented ball valveElectric V type segmented ball valve
Electric V type segmented ball valve

Electric V type segmented ball valve Product introduction

 Electric V type segmented ball valve equipped with electric actuator, control operation can be achieved by inputting control signal (4-20mA DC) and single-phase power supply, Electric V type segmented ball valve to realize the adjustment of pressure, flow rate, temperature, liquid level and other parameters.V-cut on the Electric V type segmented ball valve core, and the hard seal seat rotation generated shear force, fiber can be cut off, to prevent stuck.The Electric segmented V port ball valve has the characteristics of circulation ability, high adjusting precision, large adjustable ratio, good sealing and light weight.Electric V type segmented ball valve is suitable for most occasions except for small diameter, Angle type, three-way connection, it is the substitute for imported products, Electric V type segmented ball valve especially suitable for mud and medium containing fiber, and medium containing micro solid suspended matter.Electric V type segmented ball valve is widely used in automatic control system of industrial process in paper industry, sugar industry, petroleum industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, etc.

Electric V type segmented ball valve main technical requirement:
Structure Segment ball
Nominal Diameter Wafer type 1/2”~10” (DN15~DN250), Flange type: 1”~28”(DN25~DN700)
Pressure Rating ASME Class 150 ~ CLASS 300
Connection Wafer or flange type
Body Material WCB, WCC, WC6, WC9, LCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3 .etc
Trim Material Carbon steel、304、316、316L、17-4PH
Packing PTFE, Flexible Graphite
Washer Serrated washer (extremely soft CS, SUS316.etc), wound gaskets
Characteristic On-off or regualting function
Ratio 100:1
Seal Surface Soft seal 、 Metal seal
Travel 90°
Coating Black for Carbon Steel, Stainless steel without coating

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