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Hydraulic counter weight check valve

Hydraulic counter weight check valveHydraulic counter weight check valve
Hydraulic counter weight check valve

Hydraulic counter weight check valve Product introduction

 China hydraulic counter weight check valve manufacturer,factory an supplier,hydraulic counter weight check valve mainly is used in industrial water supply, sewage treatment plant pump outlet to prevent medium backflow in pipe network.Automatically eliminate destructive water hammer to ensure that pumps and pipelines are not damaged.Hydraulic counter weight check valve is mainly composed of valve body, disc, buffer device and micro regulating valve.Hydraulic counter weight check valve is characterized by novel structure, small volume, small fluid resistance, smooth operation, reliable tightness, wear resistance, good cushioning performance and so on. It is the best product for industrial water and urban sewage discharge.

Hydraulic counter weight check valve specification
Name:hydraulic counter weight check valve
Pressure rating and size:
PN10, PN16
DN200 to DN2000
Material: Body : GGG40, GGG50
Disc  : GGG40, GGG50, SS304, SS316
Stem : 1Cr13, SS304, SS316
Seal : NBR, EPDM
Body Seat : F6a, SS304, SS316
Operated type Hydraulic
Structure: Tilting disc, with lever and counter, hammer
Flange connection: EN1092 PN10, PN16
Medium: Water, sewage
Temperature: 10 to 80°C

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