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API 6A Choke valve

API 6A Choke valveAPI 6A Choke valve
API 6A Choke valve

API 6A Choke valve Product introduction

API 6A Choke valve feature

Seat and valve needle of API 6A Choke valve made by hard alloy, which improves the corrosion resistance, flushing resistance performance.

API 6A Choke valve is Small impaction and nosie of fluid.

The stem is self locking energizing seal, API 6A Choke valve is reliable sealing performance.
Positive API 6A Choke Valve Feature:
1) Material of throttle nozzle made of ceramics or hard alloy.
2) Controlling the flow rate by replacing the throttle nozzle of different sizes.

Cage API 6A Chock Valve Feature:
1) The torque of Cage type choke valve is small torque, it can both adjust and cut off the fluid etc.
2) Barrel type, wedge type and orifice type are mainly applied for choke manifold.

Adjustable API 6A Chock Valve Feature:
1) Needle type chock valve is mainly applied for Christmas tree assembly.

API 6A Choke valve Technical parameters

Name: API 6A Choke Valve
API 6A Choke valve Pressure: 2000PSI~10000PSI
API 6A Choke valve Diameter: 1-13/16”~7-1/16”(46mm~180mm)
Working temperature: -46℃~121℃(LU Grade)
API 6A Choke valve Material Level: AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF、HH
Specification Level: PSL1~4
Performance Level: PR1~2

API 6A Choke valve Main dimension

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