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API 6A Expanding gate valve

API 6A Expanding gate valveAPI 6A Expanding gate valve
API 6A Expanding gate valve

API 6A Expanding gate valve Product introduction

 China API 6A gate valve manufacturer,factory and supplier,API 6A Expanding gate valve is full bore design, effectively eliminate the pressure drop and Vortex, slowing down flushing by solid particles in the fluid, valve gate with mechanical sealing structure, which does not require fluid pressure and good sealing performance, low torque operation during open and close operation, and low wear between valve gate and seat, metal to metal seal between valve bonnet and body, soft seal or metal to metal seal between valve gate and valve seat, inject sealant through injection valve periodically to improve the sealing performance of the valve.

It’s expanding-style gates are used in Series NW and RWI Gate Valves. This popular gate design is used in manual valves to produce a high seating force against both the upstream and downstream seats simultaneously as the handwheel is tightened. This force effects a tight mechanical seal which is unaffected by line pressure fluctuations or vibration. The expanding gate allows a positive mechanical seal across both seats, both upstream and downstream, with or without line pressure. The gate assembly uses an angular gate face which is collapsed during travel. When closed, a body stop causes any further downward travel to force the faces of the gate assembly outward to affect a positive line flow seal. When opened, a bonnet stop causes any further upward travel to force bottom faces to expand and seal against the seats to isolate flow from the valve body cavity.

API 6A Expanding gate valve Design Specification:
Standard WKM gate valves are in accordance with API 6A 21th latest Edition, and use the right materials for different service according to NACE MR0175 standard.
Product Specification Level: PSL1 ~4    Material Class: AA~HH   Performance Requirement: PR1-PR2 Temperature Class: LU

API 6A Expanding gate valve
Product Features:
◆ Casting valve body
◆ Double Block-and-Bleed
◆ Repeated Positive shut-off
◆ External thermal body relief

API 6A Expanding gate valve Technical parameters

Name                                          Expanding Gate Valve                                         
Model WKM gate valve
Pressure 2000PSI~10000PSI
Diameter 1-13/16”~7-1/16”
Working Temperature  -46℃~121℃(LU Grade)
Material Level AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF、HH
Specification Level PSL1~4
Performance Level PR1~2

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