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API 6A Mud gate valve

API 6A Mud gate valveAPI 6A Mud gate valve
API 6A Mud gate valve

API 6A Mud gate valve Product introduction

API 6A Mud gate valve is designed for rigorous heavy duty service in abrasive conditions and specifically engineered for the tough requirements of oilfield service, our design for API 6A mud gate valve has soft seal and metal to metal seal structures, double screw drive, quick open and close, reliable seal makes long service life, and bonnet can be removed easily to check trims rather than separating all parts of the valve. API 6A Mud gate valve connection has flange, union, screw and welding type.

API 6A Mud gate valve Design Specification:
Standard Mud valves are in accordance with API 6A 21th latest Edition, and use the right materials for H2S service according to NACE MR0175 standard.
Product Specification Level: PSL1 ~4    Material Class: AA~HH   Performance Requirement: PR1-PR2  Temperature Class: LU


API 6A Mud gate valve Product Features:
◆ High pressure mixing lines
◆ High pressure drilling system block valves
◆ Production manifolds • Standpipe manifolds
◆ Production gathering systems • Pump Manifold block valves

API 6A Mud gate valve Technical parameters

Name                                API 6A Mud Gaye Valve
Model Flange Type Mud Valve/Union Type Mud Valve/Welding Type Mud Valve/Screw Type Mud Valve
Pressure 2000PSI~7500PSI
Diameter 2”~5”(46mm~230mm)
Working Temperature  -46℃~121℃(LU Grade)
Material Level AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF、HH
Specification Level PSL1~4
Performance Level PR1~2


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