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Stainless steel cryogenic gate valve

Stainless steel cryogenic gate valveStainless steel cryogenic gate valve
Stainless steel cryogenic gate valve

Stainless steel cryogenic gate valve Product introduction

 Stainless steel cryogenic gate valve,China cryogenic gate valve manufacturer,factory,company and supplier,Stainless steel cryogenic gate valve Application: Suitable for methane, liquid natural gas, hexene, carbon dioxide, liquid ammonia, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid hydrogen and other low temperature medium.


Stainless steel cryogenic gate valve Features
1. In order to prevent abnormal pressure in the cavity, relief holes are equipped on inlet side.

2. The bonnet top length are determined according to the operating temperature of the valve, to ensure reliable packing sealing.

3. Packing, gasket and other parts material are decided according to the working temperature.

4. Strictly control the chemical composition of materials and low temperature impact toughness and other mechanical properties.


Stainless steel cryogenic gate valve Specifications

Size: 1/2"-24"

Pressure: ANSI 150LB-2500LB

Body Materials: Cast steel, Stainless steel, Duplex steel

Type: Rising Stem, BB, FB, OS&Y

Operation: Hand Wheel, Gear, Electricty, etc


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