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Z945X-10Q Electric gate valve

Z945X-10Q Electric gate valveZ945X-10Q Electric gate valve
Z945X-10Q Electric gate valve

Z945X-10Q Electric gate valve Product introduction

Z945X-10Q Electric gate valve manufacturer, factory and supplier. Z945X-10Q Electric gate valve is  composed of non-rising stem, soft seated gate valve and on-off electric actuator,between the elastic seat seal of the dark rod, a good sealing effect is used to overcome the general bad gate reading seal.Leakage and raw pot phenomenon.More efficient section of the installation space. Z945X-10Q Electric gate valve can be widely used in white water, sewage, construction.petroleum.chemical industry.foodstuff.Medicine, light workshop, electric power, ship.metallurgy. Fluid lines such as the energy system are used as regulating and interception devices.

Z945X-10Q Electric gate valve specification:
Nominal pressure: 1.0~2.5MPa
Operating temperature: 0~120℃
Flange standard: GB / T 17241.6 GB9113
Nominal general diameter: 40~1200mm
Suitable medium: water, oil, gas, etc
Test standard: GB13927

Z945X-10Q Electric gate valve Main dimension

DN 50 65 80 100 125 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 600
L 178 190 203 229 254 267 292 330 356 381 406 432 457 508
H 732 773 820 870 915 1003 1110 1263 1360 1550 1610 1900 1938 2120

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